Half Day Quad Tour of Gozo

Half Day Quad Tour of Gozo new york, we love new york Half Day Quad Tour of Gozo new york, we love new york Half Day Quad Tour of Gozo new york, we love new york

This half day Quad Tour will give you the opportunity to explore the hidden charms of Gozo while enjoying the fun ride that a Quad bike offers.

-Qala Belvedere
-Simar Valley
-Ramla Valley
-Salt Pans
-Ghasri Valley

Duration: 10.30am till 13.00hrs

Package includes:
-Transport from accommodation
-Helmets for drivers & passengers
-Fully comprehensive insurance
-In the mornings our clients will aboard a privat boat to Gozo to avoid queuing, weather permitting otherwise our clients will aboard the communal ferry to Gozo.

At the end of the this tour we will drive our clients to the communal ferry and from there they will find their way back to their accommodation. Ferry tickets are not included.

This tour offers several stops so one can have a short break from driving. 

Terms & Conditions

Half day quad tours are only held on Wednesdays.

Drivers must be 21 years of age and over and present a valid driving license, to be allowed to drive the Quad bike.

Drivers have to follow the tour leader at all times.

Racing and overtaking or other, are strictly prohibited.

Should the rules not be followed carefully and if an accident should occure, the responsible driver will be fully responsible for any resulting costs.

The quads are fully comprehensive insured except for the first €330.00, which is borne by the hirer/driver for the access fee of the insurance.

These rules should be followed at all times so that the tour will enhance your holiday and stay pleasant in your memory.

Should you not follow these rules, the Quad bike will be confiscated without refund of any payment.


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